Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ghostfacers - my review

Okay, I was really excited for Supernatural to come back since it's been on hiatus for a month - well...Ghostfacers was an interesting episode. I'd give it an 8 out of 10. The episode was hilarious and I was glad to see Ed and Harry back. I didn't like, however, the whole Blair Witch Project thing they did with the episode. The camera was annoying to watch at some parts and it was hard to see what was going on when it was shaking so much. The humor was there though and that's why I liked it as much as I did...the concept was pretty good too I guess...not a typical Supernatural episode but still good nonetheless.

Favorite quotes from Ghostfacters -

Harry: Ed, you got to go be gay for that poor dead intern!

Ed: Here we were, thinking we were teaching you, and all this time you were teaching us... about heart, about dedication, and… about how gay love can pierce through the veil of death and save the day.

Dean: Hey, Ed, listen to me. There's some salt in my duffel. Make a circle and get inside.
Ed: Inside your duffel bag?
Dean: Inside the salt, you idiot!

Dean: Listen, you and Rambo need to get the hell outta here.
Ed: [laughs] Listen here, Chisel Chest, okay, we were here first.

Harry: You know, Corbett, we just, oh gosh, we just like to think that you're out there watching over us.
Ed: As far as we're concerned you're not an intern anymore. You have more than earned full Ghostfacer status. Plus it would be cool to have a ghost on the team.

Maggie: Ed has been obsessed with the supernatural since we were kids. Then, he meets Harry at computer camp and it's love at first geek.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Boo! Ozzy got voted off :(

Ozzy got voted off on Survivor last night! He was my favorite player! I wish he used the hidden immunity idol!...I also wish he didn't give up so easily in the immunity challenge, just for 3 stupid donuts!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Both Jensen and Jared answered one of my questions on the CW Connect!!!!!!!!
(my question for Jared is answered at the end of Part 1, and my question for Jensen is pretty much right smack in the middle)

Jared Part 1

Jared Part 2

Yanks4Life23519: What monster would you like to see on the show that we haven’t seen yet?

Jared: That’s a good question. Okay, Yanks4Life, there’s a really exact answer to this question. When I grew up, my dad let me watch some Movie of the Week or something called Shadow Man. It was about a guy who’s a shadow, but he commits himself to one person, and once he decides to change who he’s going to become a Shadow Man for, he then kills the person he used to be a shadow for. It’s really creepy and really scary, and I’d like to see Shadow Man. I think his name might not be Shadow Man, but that’s what I think.

Jensen Part 1&2

Yanks4Life23519: Do you enjoy shooting funny episodes or scary episodes more?

Jensen: The funny episodes are obviously, you know, those are always fun to shoot. I have a good time with those. But generally, on this show, being funny for Dean requires me to either eat a lot of food, or do some physical comedy. Which, you know, I get banged up, so I do pay the price for it. And then the scary episodes, those are fun too. Those are, I think that’s what we do, those are our bread and butter. I’d say the hardest shows are the emotional shows. Being physical in a role and doing stunts and things like that, that will beat you up physically. Might have some cuts and bumps and bruises and stuff. But when you dive into emotional scenes, it really takes a toll on you emotionally and that’s – at the end of the day you’re just drained, and so tired.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Steve got voted off :(

Steve Guttenberg got voted off tonight on Dancing with the Stars :(

he is probably one of the nicest people out there...I would love to meet him! He was fun to watch on the dance floor and I'm gonna miss him on the show :(

Yankees won first game!

Yankees won their game tonight, 3-2!!!!

nice way to start the season boys! ;)