Tuesday, September 07, 2010

30 Day Letter Challenge - Day 10

Dear Someone I Don’t Talk to as Much as I’d Like to,

We haven't drifted apart for too long, but it has been a couple months since we had our usually car conversations or have even hung out with each other. I think we need to change that and hang out. I'm thinking a movie or something? I miss our long conversations with each other; you always had something to tell me, and I didn't mind listening!

Thanks for being a good friend. We need to get together soon!

Kelsey =)

Sunday, September 05, 2010

30 Day Letter Challenge - Day 9

Dear Someone I Wish I Could Meet,

That someone is Derek Jeter.

I think you're an amazing baseball player, and you're a great role model to young children. I know a lot of people who hate the Yankees, and I mean a lot, but out of all those people, I can't name one person who does not respect you as a player and person; that says a lot about who you are. You're talented on the field, and no one can overlook that. I think it's amazing that you have your own charity. You work hard to give back, and that's another reason why I would want to meet you. You're captain of the New York Yankees, which shows everyone you're a leader to your teammates. I became a Yankees fan when I was flipping through channels over 10 years ago; I'm glad I stopped on that channel when I saw you. Maybe one day I'll get to meet you, and if there were to ever happen, it would be something I would never forget.

Kelsey =)