Friday, February 29, 2008

American Idol - Season 7

Here are my favorites so far...

-David Archuelta
-David Cook
-Michael Johns
-Jason Castro
-David Hernandez
-Brooke White
-Syesha Mercado

and I DID like Robbie Carrico...I'm still mad he got voted off last night! :(

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Endless cycle...

I wish it was Monday but then I don't...CAUSE I HATE ALL OF MY CLASSES! my weeks are just an endless cycle of suckieness lol

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Well this semester sucks!

This semester is definitely the worse so far. I'm taking 6 classes and I hate all of them. My ECED class isn't too bad lol but it's once a week for 3 hours (not exactly fun!). Summer, where are you!?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Jus In Bello - my review

HOLY MOLY...I LOVED this eppy!!!!!!!! It's probably one of my top 5 episodes! The storyline was great! I can't believe Bela tipped off the police. I still like her though lol...she makes for an interesting character. Gotta love Dean's charm and witty comments even though he was chained and in jail. I have to admit though, I really liked Hendrickson after this episode! I liked seeing Dean and Hendrickson working together. You could see that they actually had a lot in common. I was mad at the end when "Lilith" killed everyone inside the police station. Wow, a new threat! Lilith huh? She was in a little girl's body but who knows who else she's going to possess!! I loved Dean's idea of bringing the demons inside the police station. Ruby was pretty kick-ass too! Except she was a little too determined to kill Nancy as their virgin lol. The whole virgin thing was pretty funny though! I was mad though that Hendrickson and Nancy and them still ended up dying. I was hoping to see Hendrickson in another episode or something! Wow, I still can't believe what a great episode it was!

My favorite quotes from Jus In Bello -

[Sam and Dean are in jail]
Henrickson: I mean, after all, seeing you two in chains...
Dean: You kinky son of a bitch, we don't swing that way.

Dean: It's like we got a contract on us. Think it's because we're so awesome? I think it's 'cause we're so awesome.

Sam: You were possessed.
Henrickson: Possessed like... possessed?
Sam: That's what it feels like. Now you know.
Dean: I owe you the biggest "I told you so" ever.

Henrickson: I better call in. Hell of a story I won't be telling.
Sam: So what are you going to tell them?
Henrickson: The least ridiculous lie I can come up with in the next five minutes.
Dean: Good luck with that.

Henrickson: So, turns out demons are real.
Dean: F.Y.I.--ghosts are real, too. So are werewolves, vampires, changelings, evil clowns that eat people.
Henrickson: Okay, then.
Dean: If it makes you feel better, Bigfoot's a hoax.
Henrickson: It doesn't.

[Nancy and the deputy are in hiding during the battle]
Nancy: When this is over, I'm gonna have so much sex [looks at him] but not with you.

Dean: Nobody kill any virgins!

Sam: [in prison cell] We're like sitting ducks in here.
Dean: Yeah, I know. Would it kill these cops to bring us a snack!?

[after Dean was shot]
Sam: How's the shoulder?
Dean: [takes out bloody pad] It’s awesome.

Ruby: [for help with her spell] I need someone of virtue.
Dean: I've got virtue.
Ruby: You're not a virgin.
Dean: No one's a virgin!
[slowly everyone turns to look at Nancy]
Dean: No!
Nancy: It's a choice!

Sheriff: Look, Agent, this ain't my first rodeo!
Henrickson: You ain't never been to a rodeo like this before. You have any idea who we're about to bring in here?
Sheriff: Yeah, a couple of fugitives.
Henrickson: The most dangerous criminals you've ever laid your eyeballs on! Think Hannibal Lector and his half-wit little brother!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mystery Spot - my review

Holy freakin' moly! I LOVED this episode! Everything was in this episode: drama, comedy, emotions, and storyline was great too! Wow...I couldn't imagine waking up for over 100 straight Tuesdays to watch a sibling die. I would fall apart and after Dean died for "real", you could see that's exactly what Sam did. It was crazy watching Dean die over and over again. Good thing it wasn't for real! Oh, and I loved the part when Sam and Dean say everything at the same time in the diner. I could not stop laughing! Even though this episode was up and down with emotions, the comedy was definitely there! It was a great episode...I loved it!!

My favorite quotes from Mystery Spot -

Dean: All right, all right. We'll go tonight after closing, get us a nice long look.
Sam: Wait… what? No!
Dean: Why not?
Sam: Uhhh…. Let's just go now – right now. Business hours! Nice and crowded.
Dean: My god, you're a freak.

[after Sam tells Dean he got hit by a car]
Dean: And?
Sam: And what?
Dean: Did it look cool, like in the movies?
Sam: You peed yourself.
Dean: Of course I peed myself. Man gets hit by a car, you think he has full control over his bladder? Come on!

Trickster: [talking to Sam] Whoever said Dean was the dysfunctional one has never seen you with a sharp object in your hands.

Sam and Dean [in unison]: Right you're a mind reader. Cut it out Sam. Sam. You think you're funny but you're being really, really childish. Sam Winchester wears makeup. Sam Winchester cries his way through sex. Sam Winchester keeps a ruler by the bed and every morning when he wakes up. Okay, enough!

Sam: I had a weird dream.
Dean: Yeah? Clowns or midgets?

Dream A Little Dream Of Me - my review

I had a feeling I missed writing for an episode and I did lol. Anyways, so I loved the storyline of being "trapped" inside your dream. It was interesting to learn more about Bobby and see how he got into hunting in the first place. I also thought it was cute when Dean told Bobby that he thought of him as a "father figure". So, Dean's dream, more like nightmare, was definitely creepy! It was creepy to see "Demon Dean". I'm glad Dean finally admitted that he's scared though. You know he was but I never thought he would admit it. It was a great episode!

My favorite quotes from Dream A Little Dream Of Me -

Sam: One problem though: we are fresh out African dream roots so unless you know someone who can score some.
Dean: Crap!
Sam: What?
Dean: Bela...
Sam: Bela? Crap!

[as Dean impersonates a police detective]
Jeremy: I had this most vivid super intense dream, like a bad acid trip, you know...
Dean: Totally. [pause] I mean, no.

Dean: Dude, you were out. And making some serious happy noises. Who were you dreaming about?
Sam: What? no one. Nothing.
Dean: Come on, you can tell me. Angelina Jolie?
Sam: No!
Dean: Brad Pitt?
Sam: No. No!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Writer's Strike is over! =)

Find out when your shows are coming back!

2 favorite auditions from AI Season 7


Ever since winter break, I've been watching ER reruns on TNT every morning. I use to watch this show with my Mom and I'm so glad I started watching it again, well the reruns I mean. I loved the older episodes with Carter, Mark, etc. I think Noah Wyle is a fantastic actor!! He is just outstanding on this show! I can't watch them too often anymore though because of class, but whenever I get the chance, I'll be watching!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Gotta love kids lol

A 1st grade school teacher had twenty-six students in her class. She presented each child in her classroom the 1st half of a well-known proverb and asked them to come up with the remainder of the proverb. It's hard to believe these were actually done by first graders. Their insight may surprise you. While reading, keep in mind that these are first-graders, 6-year-olds, because the last one is a classic!

1. Don't change horses...until they stop running.
2. Strike while the...bug is close.
3. It's always darkest before...Daylight Saving Time.
4. Never underestimate the power of...termites.
5. You can lead a horse to water but...How?
6. Don't bite the hand that...looks dirty.
7. No news is...impossible.
8. A miss is as good as a...Mr.
9. You can't teach an old dog new...Math.
10. If you lie down with dogs, you'll...stink in the morning.
11. Love all, trust...Me.
12. The pen is mightier than the...pigs.
13. An idle mind is...the best way to relax.
14. Where there's smoke there's...pollution.
15. Happy the bride who...gets all the presents.
16. A penny saved is...not much.
17. Two's company, three's...the Musketeers.
18. Don't put off till tomorrow put on to go to bed.
19. Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, cry and...You have to blow your nose.
20. There are none so blind as...Stevie Wonder.
21. Children should be seen and not...spanked or grounded.
22. If at first you don't succeed...get new batteries.
23. You get out of something only what you...See in the picture on the box.
24. When the blind lead the blind...get out of the way.
25. A bird in the going to poop on you.

And the WINNER and last one!
26. Better late than...Pregnant

Monday, February 04, 2008


Ha, I never thought I would say that! I've watched it before and everything but I've always said I never liked it. However, I watched the Superbowl yesterday and I LOVED it! I was so interested in the game and it was really exciting to watch!! I was mad that the Patriots didn't win though. Brady didn't play a great game and they missed a couple of scoring opportunities. I really wanted them to win, but oh was exciting nonetheless!!

Oh and I totally LOVE Wes Welker, #83 - the Patriots' wide receiver <3

Friday, February 01, 2008

Malleus Maleficarum - my review

Okay, I was all excited to watch Supernatural at 9:00 right? Well, there was a stupid basketball game on the CW then so Supernatural wasn't on until 11:10 (already I was mad!). However, it was well worth the wait! Even though I can't even say the episode name (anyone have an idea? haha) I loved it! I was glad to finally see an episode about witches! I loved watching Charmed so the storyline was definately interesting to me. I have to say though, it was a little gross! I mean you see a woman being "hexed" and she starts coughing up teeth. I did NOT need to see that! I was, however, excited to learn more about Ruby. It was interesting to know that she was human first, but it depressed me when she said that Dean was going to eventually become a demon over time and there was no way to save him. But was she lying? Remember...demons lie! Anyways, I'm glad it's finally back and it was a great way to start things off again (though we only have 3 more episodes left now).

My favorite quotes from Malleus Maleficarum -

Dean: You saved my life.
Ruby: Don't mention it.
Dean: What was that stuff? It was like ass. It tasted like ass.
Ruby: It's witchcraft, short bus.
[she leaves]
Dean: [mutters] You're short bus.

Dean: I hate witches. They're all spewing their body liquids everywhere. It's creepy. Hell, it's downright unhygienic!

Dean: Why does a rabbit always get screwed in the deal? Poor little guy.