Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mark's injury update!

Holy moly! I just read that he actually dislocated his shoulder during the dance!...and he still stuck with it for what a guy!


It's a dislocated left shoulder for Dancing with the Stars pro Mark Ballas, who suffered the injury last night during the show's finale doing the cha cha cha with his celebrity partner — and real-life love interest — Sabrina Bryan. Ballas went in for an M.R.I. Wednesday afternoon to determine whether surgery is needed to repair the damage, according to his father, ballroom great Corky Ballas.

"If you watch the tape," says Ballas, "you can actually see Mark grab his left shoulder during the dance. He actually danced that whole number with a dislocated shoulder. It happened right after he turned her under his left arm."

Following his performance, the young dance star was rushed by ambulance to the emergency room at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where doctors manipulated his shoulder back into place. "That was really tough, watching him go through that," says his father. "He'd been uncomfortable for a couple of days and we thought he had torn a muscle."

Bryan, who was required to stay in the studio audience for the duration of the finale, rushed to the hospital after the show was over. "When Sabrina got there, he felt much better," says Ballas' father. "It was like an instant fix, an early Christmas present." The elder Ballas, who has witnessed their blossoming relationship, says his son had been in a world of pain. "One of the things they have together is the laughter factor, which is good for the soul. I believe you heal faster when you're laughing. And those two are always laughing."

Another source of pain was that these two were at the hospital when the rest of the Dancing cast and crew were at a Hollywood nightclub for the goodbye party. When Sabrina told Mark that she had presents to give to all of them, Mark said, "I want to get dressed and come with you," according to his father. So at 2 a.m., Ballas and Bryan went to the wrap party. They stayed only 15 minutes and then Ballas went home to bed. "He's sleeping now," says his father.

Still to be determined is how long Ballas will be off the dance floor and whether his injury will cause him to miss the Dancing with the Stars 37-city national tour, which kicks off December 18th. Rehearsals for the tour, which include 8 hour-a-day dance sessions, began in earnest last Monday.

"Hasn't this been the wildest, craziest season?" asks Corky Ballas. "And now, to top it all off with Mark's injury? Talk about drama."

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Aww...poor Mark :(

While watching Sabrina and Mark dance last night, I immediately saw that he wasn't moving his left arm as much as he should have been while doing certain moves. I kept saying that something was wrong with his arm and I just read on that he has a torn muscle in his shoulder. I can't believe he was dancing with a torn muscle. That must have hurt like hell...but I guess he didn't wanna let Sabrina down which is so sweet! I hope he's okay though!


Pro dancer Mark Ballas, who wowed the crowd again doing his show-stopping cha cha cha with the much-missed Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan was whisked off to the hospital immediately after their performance. He had been in some distress for two days with a sore shoulder. "Something kind of funky was happening," says Bryan, who was anxious to join Ballas at the hospital after the show. "But he's a true competitor. And even though we weren't competing tonight, he wanted to have our last performance. He was not going to let anyone know."

But Jane Seymour knew. "He shouldn't have been dancing," she said after the show. "He's hurt himself." Mark Cuban knew, too. "His father told me that he's got a torn muscle in his shoulder, and it's really, really painful," says Cuban. "It happens to basketball players all the time and it takes a while to heal."

The worry now is that Ballas — and, by extension, Bryan — may have to be scratched from the Dancing with the Stars national tour, which begins mid-December.

Helio won on DWTS!!!

I can't believe I forgot to write about the Monday night show! Well here's what I thought: I thought both Helio and Mel rocked the freestyle, even though they were a little cruel to Mel and Maks about theirs. Marie's freestyle was...interesting. It was creative (I'll give her that) but it was so boring and there was nothing exciting about it. Also, the fact that Marie should NOT have even been in the finals was another whole story! Wow...Helio rocked his freestyle - I loved it! I also thought he should have gotten better scores for his jive (I thought it was great!)

For Tuesday's results show: I'm so glad Marie came in 3rd (finally America...we did something right!). It was such a huge toss up between Helio and Mel but I've been pulling for Helio since the beginning and I'm soooo glad he won! He definitely deserves it too! He has NO dancing experience before the show and he's done such an amazing job and so has Julianne! They were such a great couple to watch! Congrats Helio and Julianne!!!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sister convo 19

Kayla: how do i edit my buddy info?
Me: go to buddy info...hahahahaha
Kayla: haha i swearrr i just clicked that and it took me to something else
Kayla: wow i swear im not retarded
Me: yeah...okay haha ;)

Want to write...

I have nothing to actually write about, I just felt like writing something! This weekend has been kind of boring but I enjoy the quiet times. I finally finished Season 1 of NCIS so I was really happy about that! Watching the first season makes me like the show even more. I still haven't seen like half of Season 2 but hopefully I will one day! It's kind of weird just starting in the middle of Season 2 and watching from then now watching the earlier episodes is kind of cool cause I learn more about the characters!

I've been thinking a lot about photography and cameras lately! I have also been talking to my dad about certain cameras and it's killing me that I can't get one for a while. I know I need to save up some money (which I've semi-done this summer) but I want it now! I don't wanna sound greedy or anything haha but I've been on a lot lately and that just makes me want a camera even more. Just looking at those pictures makes me wanna go outside and shoot! I'll admit, I don't know a lot of the "photography terms" but I want to learn! I've been playing around with my camera now, trying out shutter speeds and different angles...I just want to have fun!

More randomness, I watched Spiderman 3 last night! I thought it was pretty good! The movie was a little slow at some parts but the ending was great!

Ahh, I can't wait until Thanksgiving break! I'm going home Tuesday after class and then I think I'm gonna go with my Mom to pick up Kayla, who's getting a ride halfway home lol. I'm just excited to take a break from everything. I mean, there's nothing specific or anything, I just wanna go home...see the family and relax! I'm not gonna bring a lot of school work (probably one 1 or 2 things) so that's good! I also think I'm gonna get my hair layered!! I'm really nervous about it too! I want to get long layers all around, so hopefully you'll be able to see the black underneath in the back - I hope it looks good!

Okay, we'll I'm running out of things to type about haha. I just saw a preview for the movie Enchanted and it looks really good! Haha, okay...I'm done!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fresh Blood - my review

Wow, what can I say? I thought it was a great episode! Gordon comes back, ready to kill! I'm kind of curious how he got out of jail but whatever haha. I can't believe Bela sold Sam and Dean out! However...she did redeem herself and helped them out after, so I was glad about that (because I like her character!).

Ew, Gordon as a vampire - creepy and gross! His eyes were nasty to look at! That kind of stinks he got turned into a vampire (the thing he hated most) but that played out for a good storyline. The whole scene where Sam is in the dark and Gordon is "hunting" him was great; it was really intense! Ewww, that was definitely one of the grossest deaths I have ever seen on the show; I had to turn away! I'm glad Sam killed him, however, it seemed like he didn't hesitate. I guess we'll just have to see what happens with Sam.

I loved the brother moments between Sam and Dean and they're still funny as always! Aww it was so cute at the end when Dean was teaching Sam how to fix his car. Such brotherly love there and I'm glad to see it back in the show.

My favorite quotes from Fresh Blood -

Gordon: Sam Winchester’s the antichrist.
Bela: Ooh. I’d heard something about that…
Gordon: It’s true.
Bela: …from the Easter Bunny. Who heard it from the Tooth Fairy.

Dean: It’s just another day at the office...a massively dangerous day at the office.

Dean: What do you want me to do, Sam, huh? Sit around all day writing sad poems about how I’m going to die? You know what, I’ve got one. Let’s see, what rhymes with "Shut up, Sam"?

Sam: It's just I wish you would drop the show and be my big brother again. Cause... just cause.
^^awwwww!!! :(

Sam: You know what, man? I'm sick and tired of your old stupid kamikaze trick.
Dean: Whoa, whoa. Kamikaze? I'm more like a ninja.
Sam: That's not funny.
Dean: It's a little funny.
Sam: No, it's not.

Sam: What's with the auto shop?
[Dean extends a tool to Sam to fix the Impala]
Sam: You don't mean, you want...
Dean: Yeah, I do. You fix it.
Sam: Dean, you barely let me drive this thing.
Dean: Well, it's time. You should know how to fix it. You're going to need to know these things for the future. And besides, it's my job, right. Show my little brother the ropes.

Dean: Well, what can I say? I'm a badass.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Sister convo 18

Kayla: omg I need new songs so badly
Me: I just finished a new mix
Kayla: rub it in
Me: ok...I just made a new mix and you didn't!!!!! hahaha
Kayla: bite me

Red Sky at Morning - my review

I absolutely loved it! Definitely another favorite! The storyline was very creepy: Sam and Dean investigate drowning victims who were no where near water when they "drowned". And I loved Bela! A lot of people don't like her but I think she's pretty good on the show! Yeah she causes trouble for the boys but it's funny when she does it! Bela and Dean are hilarious together! She gives the boys a run for their money and I like that! I loved how Sam was being hit on by a 70-year old lady! I definitely give this episode at 10/10! Next week's episode looks great too: GORDON'S BACK!

My favorite quotes from Red Sky at Morning -

[about Bela]
Dean: Can I shoot her?
Sam: Not in public.

Bela: What do you suggest?
Dean: I’m thinking…
Bela: Don’t strain yourself.

Bela: You know, when this is over, we should really have angry sex.
Dean: [after a long pause] Don't objectify me.

Bela: [to Dean] I didn't want you're not very good at that. Oh, look at you, searching for a witty rejoinder.
Dean: Screw you.
Bela: Very Oscar Wilde.

Sam: You shot me.
Bela: I barely grazed you.
[Dean rolls eyes]
Bela: Cute. But a bit of a drama queen, yeah?

Dean: So what happens? You see the ship and then a few hours later you pucker up and kiss your ass goodbye?
Sam: Basically.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sister convo 17

[about swiping a credit card]
Kayla: why do u care? is it because u are incapable of swiping it yourself?
Me: I've never swiped it...
Me: well I did once lol - it was my debit card
Kayla: ur life??
Me: yeah...
Kayla: wow
Kayla: i do it like once daily
Me: when i use my credit card its online or the people always take it
Kayla: interesting
Me: yes lol
Kayla: you're a swiping virgin
Kayla: haha

Friday, November 02, 2007

Bedtime Stories - my review

I thought Bedtime Stories was great! I love the fact that the episode dealt with fun and interesting! The episode was funny too! I loved when Sam was "sketching" the attacker for the guy in the hospital and it turns out he drew a funny cartoon! I also loved the part when Sam was talking about fairytales and Dean was like "Could you be any more gay [pause] don't answer that"...It was a good episode for Dean and Sam to work together though Sam insists on finding a way to save Dean. Great eppy!

My favorite quotes from Bedtime Stories -

Sam: [gesturing to pumpkin on porch] Hey, check that out.
Dean: Yeah? It's close to Halloween.
Sam: You remember Cinderella? The pumpkin that turns into a coach and the mice that become horses?
Dean: Dude! Could you be more gay? [pause] Don't answer that.

Sam: I've got a theory...sort of.
Dean: Hit me.
Sam: Well, thinking about fairy tales.
Dean: Oh, that’s... that's nice. You think about fairy tales often?