Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Helio won on DWTS!!!

I can't believe I forgot to write about the Monday night show! Well here's what I thought: I thought both Helio and Mel rocked the freestyle, even though they were a little cruel to Mel and Maks about theirs. Marie's freestyle was...interesting. It was creative (I'll give her that) but it was so boring and there was nothing exciting about it. Also, the fact that Marie should NOT have even been in the finals was another whole story! Wow...Helio rocked his freestyle - I loved it! I also thought he should have gotten better scores for his jive (I thought it was great!)

For Tuesday's results show: I'm so glad Marie came in 3rd (finally America...we did something right!). It was such a huge toss up between Helio and Mel but I've been pulling for Helio since the beginning and I'm soooo glad he won! He definitely deserves it too! He has NO dancing experience before the show and he's done such an amazing job and so has Julianne! They were such a great couple to watch! Congrats Helio and Julianne!!!!!

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