Thursday, September 29, 2011

Highs and Lows (9/29/11)

  • I got off work at 12:30
  • I'm starting to load my files back onto my computer
  • There's no school today

  • Even though there's no school, I still had to work
  • My lunch date with my 3 friends got canceled cause Carrie got sick

Welcome home files!!!

I got my files back yesterday!!!

It's going to take a while to load them all back on my computer, but I'm just so glad I got them back!!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

New shows.

I really like the following new TV shows:
  • New Girl
  • A Gifted Man
  • Unforgettable
  • The Playboy Club

I also want to watch Last Man Standing with Tim Allen, but that doesn't premiere until October.

I watch way too much TV.

At least I know I do.


Highs and Lows (9/25/11)

  • It's Carrie's birthday!
  • Wes Welker got me some mad points in Fantasy Football (56.60 to be exact)
  • The Yankees beat the Red Sox in their first game 6-2 (and Jeter was 3-4)

  • The Patriots lost 34-31 (and they weren't on TV!)

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I have a countdown app on my iPod touch, and here are the countdowns of coming events I'm looking forward to:
  • Psych Season 6 premiere (18 days)
  • Thanksgiving (62 days)
  • Christmas (92 days)
  • My birthday (107 days)
  • Last day of school (258 days)

Highs and Lows (9/24/11)

  • I bought funyuns
  • I went to Walmart
  • I found out I should be getting my computer files back on Wednesday!
  • The Yankees beat the Red Sox 9-1

  • I've decided I don't really like my job as much as I did last year (it has to do with the Principal becoming more strict and being kind of rude about it)


I should be getting my computer files back on Wednesday! *jumps for joy*

I think they recovered most, if not all so yayyyy can't wait! :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tristan MacManus.

I will marry you.

There. I've said it.

You are beautiful, and your accent is beautiful.



Sunday, September 18, 2011

Highs and Lows (9/18/11)

  • Ravens lost
  • Patriots game was on TV (and they won!)
  • My shopping trip to Kohls was successful: 2 pairs of khaki pants, a Dr. Seuss t-shirt, and sunglasses that ended up being $5.50
  • It's Sunday (no work)
  • The Emmys were entertaining, and Kyle Chandler finally won an Emmy!!


  • Working out
  • Steve Carell did not win an Emmy, and he should have!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bachelor Pad.

Okay, I hate admitting this, and it's a little embarrassing, but I think I'm addicted to Bachelor Pad. The finale aired last night, and I just watched it. It was so good haha. I get really invested in their lives, and it's just so interesting!

Here's my take on the night:

I felt bad Kirk and Ella got eliminated at the first challenge. I was a little tired of hearing Ella talk about winning the money for her son (that got old fast), but I was a little mad Kirk had to leave too. He seems like such a great guy!

I was glad Mike/Holly and Graham/Michelle were the final two couples. I was SO happy to see Kasey/Vienna leave; they're just so annoying!

I love Jake. I believe him and his side of the story. I feel bad he ever got involved with Vienna; she's crazy.

I'm glad Kasey apologized to Jake, and Kasey seems like he really did change. In the house, he came off like such a jerk, and I'm glad he at least apologized about it.

Vienna is still crazy.

Michelle and Graham are basically the cutest couple on the planet. I was a little surprised they weren't voted to the final two; I really thought they would be! Oh well, they have each other...and I hope they get married some day!

Speaking of married, I'm so happy for Blake and Holly and their engagement! I was really shocked they got engaged, but they're really cute together, and I can tell he really loves her. I did feel bad for Mike and how he found out at the finale.

I knew Mike and Holly would both chose "share" and split the money; we all knew they would.

Yeah, seriously, I think I'm addicted. This show is so sad that it's soooo good! haha

Oh, and I'm still sad Ames and Jackie aren't still together; they had the most romantic exit in Bachelor history too - oh well! :(

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fantasy football.

I love Fantasy football.

I get really into it.

I hope I can do well without Peyton Manning this year; I usually get him, and he always brings in the points.

Oh well, let's see how Welker's Waffles (my awesome team name) does this year!


Wednesday, September 07, 2011


So my computer wouldn't start the other day, and it turns out it's a hard-drive issue. I got my new hard-drive today, and we also sent my old one to this company to see if they can RECOVER MY FILES!

I'm basically going to cry myself to sleep for the rest of my life if they can't recover my files. My whole life is on my computer so I'm crossing my fingers they can do it!!!!!