Friday, July 06, 2012

I need to step it up!

Ahhh! This weight-loss thing is hard! I'm at another it's time to step it up!

I can do this. I've made it this far.

Let's go! :D

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Letter #12

From the book, "P.S. I hate it here! Kids' letters from camp".

Dear Mom & Dad,

I just got back from the trip! It was not bad. It didn't suck but it was good and fun. Unfortunately there was sometimes when I did really stupid things and the counselors got pissed. And there was sometimes when I did smart things and the counselors were happy with me. It was really tiring but I know I have bigger muscles. I liked the trip a lot.

These are some fun things I did:
1. Camped on a remote island
2. Jumped off the Essex Bridge
3. Saw sweet looking waterfalls

These are some things that made me proud (I might overreact):
1. Canoed until my fingers bled
2. Carried a 50 lb pack on a trail for a mile

Love ya


Letter #11

From the book, "P.S. I hate it here! Kids' letters from camp".

Dear Mom & Dad,

You know me, I complain, but once I get somewhere I usually have fun. This is not fun. I am not exaggerating when I say this is the worst week of my life ever. Camp sucks!! Why? I am homesick. I know kids but not well enough to follow them around every day. Yesterday, I went to Jordan and started blubbering like a baby and said I want to go home. He said that wasn't an option. I can't take this for much longer though. I want you to make Jordan let me leave!! Please, I am begging you. I am embarrassed to say I cry every day. This is not a camp from my dreams. It is the 100th level of hell. Save me or else I will get out of here by doing something stupid. I am not joking. I hate this stupid camp. I am getting out of here. Write me. I NEED MORE STAMPS. Save me!!! I am out of stamps.