Saturday, June 30, 2007

Smokin' Aces?

Um, one of the weirdest movies I have ever seen. It was confusing and there was too much going on. I expected something totally different. Not a good movie. I was disappointed. The previews made it look good. It was sort of interesting, I'll give it that, but with all the great actors in it, I expected something better.

Only good part of the movie = Ryan Reynolds

Beat by a little kid...

I went to the driving range with my Dad today and there was this little kid there who couldn't have been more than 6 years old who could hit the golf ball better than I could! It was kind of depressing actually...I'm not a golfer, okay!? He had his own little golf clubs and everything! He was pretty good...not like amazing anything but for a little kid, he was good.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Yankees/Orioles game!

I went to the Yankees vs. Orioles game yesterday (June 26th), which also happened to be Derek Jeter's birthday! Happy Birthday Derek! He was 2-4 so he had a pretty good night! I'm sad to say the Yankees lost though in the 9th inning when Scott Proctor walked in the winning run for the Orioles. Though I was pretty depressed the Yankees lost, I had a great time! Here are some pictures from the game:

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Favorite Songs of the Week

"Makes Me Wonder" - Maroon 5
"The Sweet Escape" - Gwen Stefani

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I had a great day!

I had a great day at camp today! One thing happened that I particular enjoyed (not gonna say what it is) but all you need to know is...I'm in a great mood!

Monday, June 18, 2007

First day of camp!

Today was offically the first day of camp. I worked a long 9-hour day and I'm exhausted! Today was quite interesting to say the least. I was with the 5 and 6 year olds and they were all new! But during lunch my favorite camper from last year walked in. I was so excited to see him! That made my day a lot better! We have a lot of interesting campers this year. One kid never shuts up. Another kid stepped on his own glasses and broke them. I think one kid has A.D.D...seriously! Apparently, everyone wants to be "line-leader". This is going to be an interesting summer!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Dead Zone

Okay, there haven't been new episodes of The Dead Zone in like forever! I was really excited that it finally came back! If you haven't seen tonight's episode and plan to, I suggest you don't read on any further. I'm 50-50 about the episode. I thought it started off great. Johnny kept saving Walt and after he saw no vision of him dying a third time, I took a deep breath and relaxed. Then Johnny saw Purdy die. He is just "okay" in my book so I wasn't too upset he was going to die. But HE didn't die, Walt did! Walt died saving Purdy. I am so depressed about it since I had no idea they would kick off the new season by killing off a FAVORITE regular. Walt was my favorite character. I cried like a little kid when he died. The death was unexpected and I still don't want to believe it that they killed him off. That's why I'm 50-50 about the episode. Up until the end, I loved it! But I hated it for the fact they killed off a great character! I'm still pissed they killed him off! Curse you USA network, curse you!

Need a laugh?

Friday, June 15, 2007

More people should watch this show!

I love the show Standoff on FOX. It's one of my top 3 favorite shows! It's so exciting to watch! The characters are great too! Ah, I just love this show!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Sanctuary (new poem I wrote)

The soft sand beneath me,
With blue waves crashing down,
It’s all a surreal dream,
One with no worries,
No problems about life,
About love, about hope.
And the clouds pass by,
As if nothing is wrong in the world.
And I sit in my sacred spot,
My peaceful getaway,
From a world with hate,
With crime and dishonesty.
But sitting here, away from that world,
Reassures me about what is good,
And that everything is calm here.
With the soft sand beneath me,
With the blues waves crashing down,
Here is where the world stops,
For serenity, for those memories we long to cherish.
And by just sitting here,
I know that everything will be all right.

I want to see Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer!

I really want to see this movie! It looks so good! plus Chris Evans looks smokin'! haha...but besides that, I loved the first one and I can't wait to see this one!

Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Sunday, June 10, 2007

This is me!

I changed the colors around on the computer...I like the effect!

Friday, June 08, 2007

This is what happens...

...when soda stays in the back of your refridgerator for a LONG time

Good thing to know: NEVER pick up a hitchhiker!

I watched The Hitcher last night. Yes, I finally got enough courage to watch it! I am still freaked out. I thought this movie was creepy, scary, and disgusting! Anyone who knows me, knows I hate scary movies and I hate being scared. Holy crap. I'm gonna have nightmares haha. I was so testy last night, it wasn't even funny! Last night, my sister knocked on my door and I jumped a mile. I was VERY testy! My other sister came up behind me during the movie and yelled, "BOO"...I jumped. I'm a dork, I know. Anyways, back to the movie (if you haven't seen it yet and want to, you might not want to read anymore). I thought it was pretty good...despite the fact that Jim died (I'm still depressed about it!). Sophia was great! and I really liked Zachary Knighton, who played Jim (I had no idea who he was before this movie). The guy who played the hitcher, Sean Bean, did a great job! The funny thing about me and scary movies is, after I watch a scary/creepy movie (which doesn't happen often), I like to see how it's made. That way, I'm not so scared haha.

And like the title says: NEVER PICK UP A HITCHHIKER!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dreamy Dads: 18 Dreamy TV Dads Today (from AOL)

18. Det. Elliot Stabler
Show: 'Law & Order: SVU'
Played by: Christopher Meloni
Why He's Dreamy: We love it when the good guys are tough. Elliot is the complete alpha male, overpowering the criminals in the interrogation room, and these comments suggest we're not the only ones who think he's dreamy.

17. Keith Mars
Show: 'Veronica Mars'
Played by: Enrico Colantoni
Why He's Dreamy: Bald men are sexy. Witty ones are even sexier. Keith has both qualities, plus he's smarter than nearly everyone in town. He can solve our cases anytime.

16. Bill Hendrickson
Show: 'Big Love'
Played by: Bill Paxton
Why He's Dreamy: He may be a polygamist, but he's also a doting father and tries to satisfy his three wives, which more than most TV husbands can do with just one. He's cute in a 'Father Knows Best' kind of way.

15. Karl "Helo" Agathon
Show: 'Battlestar Galactica'
Played by: Tahmoh Penikett
Why He's Dreamy: We're suckers for men in uniform. This officer is fierce when it comes to protecting his Cylon wife, Sharon, and their child from fleet prejudices and plots. He'll even disobey orders to do so. Hey, we're suckers for rebels, too.

14. Fernando Sucre
Show: 'Prison Break'
Played by: Amaury Nolasco
Why He's Dreamy: Tall, dark, handsome, Sucre looks his best when breaking the law. He's not a murderer like some of the other escapees and, unlike Lincoln, he knows how to button his shirt

13. Luke Danes
Show: 'Gilmore Girls'
Played by: Scott Patterson
Why He's Dreamy: The diner owner likes to act like a curmudgeon, but it's really all for show. He adores pre-teen daughter April and served as a father figure for Rory. Plus, he can make a mean cup of joe.

12. Tom Scavo
Show: 'Desperate Housewives'
Played by: Doug Savant
Why He's Dreamy: His devotion to his wife and kids makes our hearts flutter. He was even a house husband for a while. He's a bit of a dreamer but he at least tries to make his wife and kids happy.

11. Seeley Booth
Show: 'Bones'
Played by: David Boreanaz
Why He's Dreamy: Beyond the smoldering good looks, Booth can make the best out of any situation. He's also very protective over the women he loves. Who doesn't love a guy that makes you feel safe?

10. James "Sawyer" Ford
Show: 'Lost'
Played by: Josh Holloway
Why He's Dreamy: We always fall for the sarcastic bad boys and judging by the bank account he opened for his baby daughter, he has potential to be a loving dad. He gets extra-dreamy points for that.

9. Christopher Turk
Show: 'Scrubs'
Played by: Donald Faison
Why He's Dreamy: Geeks can be sexy too. Turkleton, with his goofy attitude and gap-toothed grin, may not be the smoothest guy in this list, but he could be the most charming.

8. John E. Winchester
Show: 'Supernatural'
Played by: Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Why He's Dreamy: Who could resist those big green eyes and the scruffy beard that gives him such rugged charm? John can make killing demons look sexy; where do you think Dean and Sam got it from?

7. Eric Taylor
Show: 'Friday Night Lights'
Played by: Kyle Chandler
Why He's Dreamy: That deep Southern drawl gets us every time. The high school football coach is really a man's man, but he's a total softie when it comes to his wife and daughter.

6. Luka Kovac
Show: 'ER'
Played by: Goran Visnjic
Why He's Dreamy: A tall, dark, handsome doctor? And one who'll plan a romantic surprise wedding? Plus, anyone's knees would go wobbly after hearing Luka recite 'Hamlet' in Croatian.

5. Joe Dubois
Show: 'Medium'
Played by: Jake Weber
Why He's Dreamy: Many a guy, upon hearing his wife sees dead people, would run screaming for the hills. Not Joe. He supported wife Allison from the beginning.

4.Nathan Petrelli
Show: 'Heroes'
Played by: Adrian Pasdar
Why He's Dreamy: Nathan is mysterious, so it's tough to know what he's thinking, and being a politician makes him a smooth talker. Plus, he can sweep you off your feet...literally.

3. Jack Bauer
Show: '24'
Played by: Kiefer Sutherland
Why He's Dreamy: Jack's women tend to get killed or turn out to be traitors, but who can resist that gravelly, authoritative voice? We wouldn't object if Jack took us into custody.

2. Jin Kwon
Show: 'Lost'
Played by: Daniel Dae Kim
Why He's Dreamy: Jin started out as an overprotective, overbearing husband, but island life has softened him up. This season Sun saw an ultrasound of their baby and when Jin heard the news, he grinned like a proud papa.

1. Jack Carter
Show: 'Eureka'
Played by: Colin Ferguson
Why He's Dreamy: He's a flirt with a little bit of an edge. Not only is Jack a newly single dad to daughter Zoe, who has a rebel streak, he's also the sheriff of Eureka and just looks so good in that uniform.


My favorites from the list:
-Chris Meloni - gotta love his character Elliot Stabler! he is super sexy!
-Doug Savant - I liked him from the movie First Daughter...way before Desperate Housewives <---though I don't actually watch DH
-Jeffrey Dean Morgan - of course John Winchester is a sexy father!...have you seen his children? haha ;)
-Kyle Chandler - I love Kyle Chandler! I use to watch him in Early Edition! I'm a little sad to say I don't watch Friday Night Lights but I wish I did!
-Adrian Pasdar - I use to watch him in Mysterious Ways...and again...I don't watch Heroes (though I REALLY wish I did)

Monday, June 04, 2007

Scary/creepy movies

Anyone who knows me, knows I HATE scary movies! I hate being scared. But for some reason I sometimes want to watch a creepy movie and I don't know why. For example, I want to see The Hitcher, Disturbia, and Mr. Brooks. Now some people wouldn't classify them as scary but I think they look scary so they're in my scary catergory. I don't even like watching a preview for a scary movie. Yeah I know, I'm weird.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Rough day...

Today was not one of my better days. It could have been worse but still, it wasn't great. I'm a little stressed and tired but isn't everyone? I won't go into details or anything but today was sucky, plain and simple.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Haha...kind of funny/ironic...

...that "nice doggy" will be my last words since I don't really like dogs haha...I think it's trying to tell me something...hmm...hahaha ;)

Your Famous Last Words Will Be:

"Nice doggy."

Shady mail guy

My sister and I went walking today on this trail and we saw some shady guy carrying mail. Yep, you read it right...mail. We have no idea why, but he was. And we passed him three times, which was even weirder since he was in front of us at one point but ended up behind us. Very interesting...and who carries mail with them when they go walking? Hmm...