Monday, June 11, 2007

Sanctuary (new poem I wrote)

The soft sand beneath me,
With blue waves crashing down,
It’s all a surreal dream,
One with no worries,
No problems about life,
About love, about hope.
And the clouds pass by,
As if nothing is wrong in the world.
And I sit in my sacred spot,
My peaceful getaway,
From a world with hate,
With crime and dishonesty.
But sitting here, away from that world,
Reassures me about what is good,
And that everything is calm here.
With the soft sand beneath me,
With the blues waves crashing down,
Here is where the world stops,
For serenity, for those memories we long to cherish.
And by just sitting here,
I know that everything will be all right.

1 comment:

Steffie said...

Awesome boo! Seriously, it's captivating. I love it!