Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sister convo 9

Kayla: what was that song called by hinder
Me: better than me
Kayla: i know i am, but whats the song?
Kayla: haaaa
Me: wow

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Jeter should have won AL MVP!

He put up great numbers and he was amazing on defense! He should have won!...but we all know that Jeter is the REAL AL MVP!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sister convo 8

Kayla: ahh i cant wait til breakkkkk
Me: me either!!!!!
Kayla: i want to bake so bad
Kayla: lol
Me: wow
Kayla: yeah. and shower in my shower
Kayla: and go shoppinggggg
Me: loserrr
Me: my leg is pulsing lol
Kayla: whos the loser now
Me: u still are
Kayla: oh
Me: hahaha

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sister convo 7

Kayla: ahh i cant believe the oc and oth are on at the same time
Me: ahhh im mad too!
Kayla: why
Me: my hold at the library came in and I WAS JUST THERE!!! haha
Kayla: haha that sucks
Me: yeaa haha
Kayla: my problem is worse
Kayla: worse
Kayla: oh i spelled it right the first time lol
Me: haha loser...
Kayla: haha
Me: whats ur problem?
Kayla: what?!
Kayla: what are u talking about
Me: [showing her what she wrote] Kayla: my problem is worse
Me: do u mean the oth and oc thing? haha
Kayla: ohh. yes! lol
Me: wow...
Kayla: i thought u were being mean and was like whats YO problem!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sister convo 6

[after Kay and I have been talking]
(Auto response from Kayla: showaaa)
Me: take ur shower already!
Kayla: i already did!!!!!!!
Me: seriously?
Kayla: yes!
Kayla: im about to blowdry my hair
Me: u were gone for like 5 minutes!
Kayla: i know, im fast
Me: since when!?
Kayla: since ever
Me: since NEVER!
Kayla: bite me

Monday, November 06, 2006

Sister convo 5

[I sent Kayla two links to look at (of backpacks)]
Kayla: ok
[after like 2 min]
Me: what do u think?
Kayla: about what?
Me: about the weather...WHAT DO U THINK IM TALKING ABOUT!?
Kayla: i dont know
Kayla: i didnt click the sites
Me: u idiot!!
Kayla: u never said to!
Me: i texted u about it!!
Me: i dont just send u a link for decoration!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sister convo 4

Me: yeah my allergy pills made me REALLY tired this morning hahahaha
Me: I took a nap after my history class...those allergy pills are like sleeping pills!! haha want some?
Kayla: i dont need them! im already tired
Me: ok then...dont be snippy! go sleep in class!
Kayla: i do
Me: haha thats not good...
Kayla: lol i know
Kayla: i dont fall asleep i just like doze off sometimes...
Me: haha thats better then lol
Me: ok go to sleep!...I MEAN CLASS! haha
Kayla: haha but its soo boring
Me: sounds just like my history class...a snoozer
Kayla: yep. and its so late which doesnt help
Me: mine is at 10 in the morning so I have a good excuse to be tired haha urs is at like 5, you should be awake by then!
Kayla: noo thats when i get tired
Kayla: i just fell asleep too lol
Me: haha
Kayla: alright im off
Kayla: peace
Me: byeee
Me: have a nice nap!
Kayla: lol