Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rough [sports] weekend...

Well, this has been a TERRIBLE sports weekend for me. The Yankees are now 0-2 against Detroit. Derek Jeter is out for the rest of the postseason (I still can't believe it). The Patriots lost to the Seahawks in a game they should have won. And half the players on my fantasy football team forgot to show up and play. Yeah, I'm gonna go cry now. Haha

Jeter out for remainder of postseason :( :(

Derek Jeter went to field a ground ball to his left and went down in pain.

I was hoping it was a typical Jeter move, and he would get up shaking off the pain (like he always does).

But that did not happen.

He fractured his left ankle and will miss the remainder of the postseason. I hope that Jeter is not done yet! After more tests, I hope he'll be in the dugout cheering and coaching his teammates like the great player that he is.

This is a sad blow to the team and Derek, but now someone needs to step up.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Yankees win!!!

The Yankees just beat the Orioles!!! They're heading to the ALCS!

I'm sooooo excited!


Sunday, October 07, 2012

Psych needs to come back!

I love this show! It's hilarious in a silly, kiddish way.

It's good TV, and it needs to come back!

I can just picture this scene...too funny!

Gus: Who are we chasing? 
Shawn: Jack Atwater. A detective who used to work with my dad. 
Gus: How old is he? 
Shawn: At least seventy! 
Gus: Then why can't we catch him? 
Shawn: I don't know! I don't eat well, and I don't exercise. What's your excuse? 
Gus: I don't do well at high altitudes! 
Shawn: What are you talking about? 
Gus: You know, like Denver. 
Shawn: We're not in Denver! 
Gus: Just run, Shawn!