Sunday, October 07, 2012

Psych needs to come back!

I love this show! It's hilarious in a silly, kiddish way.

It's good TV, and it needs to come back!

I can just picture this scene...too funny!

Gus: Who are we chasing? 
Shawn: Jack Atwater. A detective who used to work with my dad. 
Gus: How old is he? 
Shawn: At least seventy! 
Gus: Then why can't we catch him? 
Shawn: I don't know! I don't eat well, and I don't exercise. What's your excuse? 
Gus: I don't do well at high altitudes! 
Shawn: What are you talking about? 
Gus: You know, like Denver. 
Shawn: We're not in Denver! 
Gus: Just run, Shawn!

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