Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sabrina voted off DWTS...I still don't believe it!

Holy crap...I still don't believe it!!! Sabrina was voted off last night and I'm still shocked!!! I think everyone is! She was one of my favorites! I didn't exactly want her to win the competition though because I don't think it's fair that she's already a dancer. My pick is for Helio to win but I wanted it to be Helio and Sabrina in the final two! Aww, and how cute was her partner Mark!? So adorable...I'm more sad to see HIM go haha ;)

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Office

I have to admit...I'm hooked! I never thought I would really like this show. I watched a few scenes with my sister and it was just okay. I've watched season 1 and 2 and I LOVED it; it's hilarious! Jim is my favorite...he is just so funny! Here's a video of funny scenes from The Office:

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sin City - my review

Okay, so it was the fourth episode of the season for Supernatural, and though it wasn't one of my favorites, I did like it a lot! There was just something missing in the episode though. I can't quite put my finger on it but it was missing that "it" factor. I liked the turn of events when Sam had to look for Dean for a change but on the other hand, I didn't like the fact that they spilt up for most of the episode. I have to admit, I was a little bored at some parts (I thought I'd never say that!). The whole Dean/Casey conversation seemed to drag on forever! It was interesting because she revealed a lot of information but I feel like that scene could have been better without all that dialect. I'm still up in the air about Ruby. I like her, then I don't. She's interesting in one scene and annoying in another. It will be interesting to see where her character takes the show though! Next week's episode looked pretty good - a little creepy!...I can't wait!

My favorite quotes from Sin City -

Dean: [trying an exorcism from memory] Spiritus emundi, undalara, persona tote… [trails off, lost]
Casey: Nice try but I think you just ordered a pizza.

Casey: You Winchester boys are famous. Not Lohan famous, but you know.

TV Guide interview with Jensen Ackles

TV Guide: I hear you good buddies hit golf balls together. Who's better?
Ackles: Well, I definitely play a lot more than he does. In fact, I introduced him to it just a few months ago. I got him out there and I bought the biggest box of balls you could possibly find and he ended up losing every one of them, which was funny. He might beat me at hoops, because he's taller than me.

TV Guide: You're not so short yourself, it's just that Jared's sort of a giant.
Ackles: Yeah, I'm 6'1" and he makes me look like a midget! It lends itself to an interesting situation between us on set and the brothers on the show. Dean's such a short-tempered hothead, but he's also not nearly as big as Sam is. [Laughs]

you can read the rest of it here

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sister convo 16

[talking about the Red Sox game]
Kayla: i cant find the gameee
Kayla: ahh
Me: FOX doofus
Kayla: i dont know what channel that is here lol
Kayla: i dont watch tv
Me: dork
Kayla: found it!
Kayla: yay we are winning HOLLAA
Me: we are? you on the team now?
Kayla: yes i just got recruited

Also very true...(Yankees ♥)

Four baseball fans - a Cubs fan, a Cardinals fan, a Yankees fan, and a Red Sox fan - are climbing a mountain and arguing about who loves their team more. The Cubs fan insists he is the most loyal. "This is for the Cubs!" he yells, and jumps off the side of the mountain. Not to be outdone, the Cardinals fan shouts, "This is for the Cardinals!" and throws himself off the mountain. The Yankees fan is next to profess his love for his team. He yells, "This is for everyone!" and pushes the Red Sox fan off the mountain.

So very true...(Yankees ♥)

On the first day of school a first grade teacher explains to her class that she is a Red Sox fan. She asks her students to raise their hands if they, too, are Red Sox fans. Wanting to impress their teacher, everyone in the class raises their hand except one little girl. The teacher looks at the girl with surprise, "Janie, why didn't you raise your hand?" "Because I'm not a Red Sox fan," she replied. The teacher, still shocked, asked, "Well, if you are not a Red Sox fan, then who are you a fan of?" "I am a Yankees fan, and proud of it," Janie replied. The teacher could not believe her ears. "Janie, why pray tell are you a Yankees fan?" "Because my mom is a Yankees fan, and my dad is Yankees fan, so I'm a Yankees fan too!"..."We'll," said the teacher in a obviously annoyed tone, "that is no reason for you to be a Yankees fan. You don't have to be just like your parents all of the time. What if your mom were an idiot and your dad were a moron, what would you be then?" "Then," Janie smiled, "I'd be a Red Sox fan."

Jensen Ackles - An Underrated Actor

Did you know that Supernatural's Jensen Ackles had recurring roles in not one, not two, not three, but four popular series before landing the part of Dean Winchester? Yup! Eric Brady on Days of Our Lives, Alec on Dark Angel, C.J. on Dawson's Creek, and Jason Teague on Smallville. And he was nominated for a Daytime Emmy three times! Back in the day, Jensen was runner-up to Tom Welling for the role of Clark Kent on Smallville. OK, if this kid isn't fated to be a superhero, we don't know who is! Jensen lost out on Choice Breakout TV Star to Zac Efron at the 2006 Teen Choice Awards, we think this trooper deserves something for honorable mention.

he's so sexy!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Bad Day at Black Rock - my review

It was the third episode of the third season last night and let's just say...the episode kicked butt! It was great! One of the funniest episodes!

Here's a summary about the episode: Sam and Dean come in contact with a rabbits foot that gives them good luck until a thief steals it from Sam, giving him bad luck. His bad luck continues when he's kidnapped by the mentor of a hunter who believes he still has his powers.

Okay, to start off: I love the fact that the episode dealt with a rabbits foot. The concept is just so funny that these two, tough guys have to find a little, old rabbits foot. It kind of sucks for Sam since he was the one who got all the bad luck: tripping, gets gum on his shoe, losing his shoe, knocking over stuff, his hotel room catching on fire, and getting shot in the arm. Hmm...that's a tough day for anyone! Dean though, was freakin' hilarious! He always makes me laugh!

Best part of the episode: when Dean was talking on the phone with Bobby, you can see Sam gets gum on the bottom of his shoe in the background. Dean's talking away and we see Sam scraping his shoe against a sewer lid. Then of course the shoe falls into the sewer. Dean then gets off the phone and looks at Sam who has the most adorable, pouty face and who says, "I lost my shoe"...omg it was the funniest/cutest thing ever! I could not stop laughing! Thinking about it now still makes me laugh!

My favorite quotes from Bad Day at Black Rock -

[Dean leads Sam into a hotel room]
Sam: What am I even supposed to do, Dean?
Dean: Nothing, nothing! Come here. I don't want you doing anything! I want you to sit right here and don't move! Okay? Don't turn on the light, don't turn off the light, don't even scratch your nose!

Bobby: [to Dean on the phone] Watch out for your brother, you idjit.
[Dean hangs up and looks at Sam]
Dean: What?
Sam: I lost my shoe.

Dean: Oh don't go away angry. Just go away.

Dean: I'm Batman.
Sam: [sarcastically] Yeah, you're Batman.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Kids Are Alright - my review

I absolutely loved this episode! It was another great introduction to Season 3 and I know this season is just going to get better and better.

Here's a summary of the episode: Sam & Dean track down changelings that are pursuing mothers and their children. A boy they protect bears a strange resemblance to Dean, which at first makes Dean uncomfortable because he once had a one-night stand with the boy's mother Lisa.

This episode was personal yet had that creepy feeling to it that we all love. Dean with a kid - kind of crazy, huh? I did love Ben though! He was so adorable and I loved how he was a mini-Dean. He dressed like Dean, acted like him, and even had his same taste in music. "AC/DC rocks" cute! So Ruby: I was a little shocked to see that she's a...DEMON! Yep...a demon! Sam was all ready to kill her ass but then she mentioned she could help Dean out of his deal, Sam seemed to losen up lol. I like her though! She's mysterious and she adds flare to the show.

My highlight of the show was seeing Ben though. I kind of wish he'd be on another episode this season. Dean is great with kids! And when Ben was walking away with his Mom and then ran back to hug Dean: AWWW! - that was my favorite part in the whole cute!

Another thing: the kids in this episode were so CREEPY! That one little girl (Katie?) totally freaked me out! This episode had a lot of good actors in it. It's definitely one of my favorite episodes to date! I can't wait for next week's!

My favorite quotes from The Kids Are Alright -

Dean: What? Someone had to teach him to kick a bully in the nads.

Sam: So let me get this straight. You want to drive all the way to Cicero just to hook up with some random chick?
Dean: She was a yoga teacher. That was the bendiest weekend of my life!

Sam: [trying to cover up his phone call] Oh, I was just ordering pizza.
Dean: Dude, you do realize that you’re in a restaurant?
Sam: Yeah! Oh, yeah, yeah... [lamely] I just felt like pizza, y’know?
Dean: Okay...Weirdy McWeirderton.

Dean: Come on, smile, Sam. God knows I'm going to be smiling after 24 hours with Gumby girl. [chuckles] Gumby Girl...does that make me Pokey?

Ruby: [eating a french fry] Hmmm, these are amazing. It's like deep fried crack.

Yankees season in review

Record: 94-68, second in AL East, Wild Card winner.

Defining moment: Fed up, Torre shuts the clubhouse doors on May 28 in Toronto and rips into his team, leaving veteran players stunned and whispering to each other that they had never seen the longtime skipper so angry. Torre told reporters that day that most of the address had covered tentative behavior; certainly the manager unloaded enough aggressiveness to help spur the Yankees to a Major League-best 51-25 record after the All-Star break.

What went right: The left-handed batters in the lineup awoke all around the same time, with Bobby Abreu, Robinson Cano, Damon and Hideki Matsui helping power the second-half offense. Rodriguez was the best offensive player in baseball, leading the Majors in home runs, RBIs and runs scored. Posada batted a career high .338, and Melky Cabrera gave the club energy after claiming the center field job. Chien-Ming Wang won 19 games for the second straight year.

What went wrong: Early season injuries prompted Andy Pettitte to pause and reflect that the Yankees rotation was just himself and four rookies. Kei Igawa pitched his way all down to Class A; Roger Clemens gave the Yankees just six wins after a dramatic entrance. Jason Giambi missed two months with a foot injury and started just one postseason game. Kyle Farnsworth, Brian Bruney and Scott Proctor never fit into the bullpen mix. Mike Mussina made a two-year contract look like a bad investment.

Biggest surprise: Joba Chamberlain wasn't even invited to Spring Training, but skyrocketed from Class A Tampa all the way to the big leagues by Aug. 7. Once he got there, the dominant right-hander was nearly unhittable, not allowing a run in his first 15 1/3 innings and striking out 34 batters in 24 innings. If not for a swarm of too-friendly Lake Erie midges that attacked Chamberlain in Game 2 of the ALDS, the postseason story might have played out differently.

2007 Yankees statistical leaders

Average: Jorge Posada, .338
Doubles: Jorge Posada, 43
Triples: Melky Cabrera, 8
Home runs: Alex Rodriguez, 54
Runs: Rodriguez, 143
RBIs: Rodriguez, 156
Stolen bases: Johnny Damon, 27

Wins: Chien-Ming Wang, 19
Losses: Mike Mussina, 10
ERA (starter): Wang, 3.70
ERA (reliever, min. 10 app.): Joba Chamberlain, 0.38
Saves: Mariano Rivera, 30

full article here

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sister convo 15

Me: remember when we were little and we use to open up all the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen and use it as a fort?
Kayla: no
Kayla: haha
Me: what!? you don't remember that? were you a robot!?
Kayla: yes i was a child robot

8 Surprising Turn-Ons for Men

1. Standing Tall
Don't get me wrong: it's not that we want a woman who can balance a beer tray on her head. It's what good posture says about her. A woman who stands tall typically a) dresses well, b) exercises often, and c) is confident about her body and what it's good for. And if she's proud of her figure no matter what shape or size, that makes men take notice, as well.

2. True Grit
Men know that women cry. Men know that women can get hurt. Men want to be there to help whenever they do. But there's something insanely attractive about women who can bite their lips, buck up, and grit out some of life's twists, turns, sprains, and pains.
Note: Before you throw e-daggers my way, I'm not suggesting that it's not OK to cry or that women shouldn't seek proper attention when they're in pain, either physically or emotionally. (Nor am I saying that lots of men don't need to heed this advice as well.) I'm simply saying we're often drawn to partners who can walk off life's minor insults.

3. Baseball Caps
When we were growing up, we used them to show our team allegiances. In college, we used them to hide bed head. Past the age of 30, we mainly wear them to cover our bald spots. But no matter what team we root for, we like a baseball cap the most when it's worn by a woman. The look sends all kinds of messages about the kind of woman she is: sporty, strong, comfortable kicking back, Sox fan. (All the better if it's a Cubs hat - she's an optimist with a great sense of humor.)

4. Software Savvy
Maybe it's a giant sexual metaphor, but women like men who know hardware, and men like women who know software. Show a guy a woman who knows her way around systems, networks, and connections, and he'll be dazzled by her smarts - and appreciate her talents.
There's something sexy about a woman who can click a few buttons and get something working exactly the way she wants it to. (That is, as long as the buttons she pushes aren't his.)

5. Sexy Shampoo
Men typically are stereotyped as needing visual cues to feel attraction. While it's true that men need their share of eye candy, they also are mightily turned on by the olfactory sweets, as well. Perfume and body lotion are nice and all, but the smell of her freshly washed hair that's nestled up under the chin on a Sunday morning is a reminder of all that's good about relationships.

6. Understated Underwear
Slinky and small lingerie works for anniversaries, birthday surprises, honeymoons, and other seduce-me moments. But the look that makes men feel both comfortable and excited is when she's wearing boxers (waistband rolled) and a thin-as-can-be T-shirt that's neither too tight nor too big. Call it supreme sexiness in the understated. The same effect can be achieved by wearing his old dress shirt and a pair of panties.

7. Dirt and Sweat
Of course, men like to see their women dolled up for a night out. But many men appreciate the exact opposite: The woman who hikes, bikes, mows the lawn, hacks trees and branches, and otherwise pulls her weight. Seeing the dirt, mud, sweat, and occasional road rash is something that stokes our primal side.

8. A Few "Duh" Moments
Men like smart women (see "software savvy," above). But there's a small part of a man's brain that wants her to have an occasional dollop of ditziness. Why? Because if she can show that she may not know everything, it reinforces something deep inside a man that he's needed, that he's trusted, that he can be there to help.
And it says that when we screw up on occasion (and we will, oh yes, we will), she'll understand. Hypercompetence is something we just can't compete with. And ultimately, this game isn't about competition, it's about crossing the finish line together.

here's the article:

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

They may have lost...but I'm still PROUD!

The Yankees battled...and battled. They made it close last night...but not close enough. In each of the 4 games they played, I thought I was going to have a heart attack! The game started off rough and when a team is down 4-0 early on, that can never be a good sign. The Yankees made is 4-1 (with a Derek Jeter single!) but the Tribe answered back with runs 5 and 6, making it 6-1. The Yankees scored again when Robinson Cano hit a solo HR, making it 6-2. The Yankees hit the ball...just not in the same inning or when anyone was in scoring position! They had 12 hits for crying out loud! Arod smacked a HR in the 7th inning making it 6-3. Then they scored again (and for the last time) in the bottom of the 9th when Bobby Abreu hit a HR. Final score = 6-4. It was a good season boys. I'm proud to say I'm a Yankees fan. I'm proud that they made it as far as they did. Let's do it again next year (except go all the way next time haha). Oh, and side note: they better keep Joe Torre!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Another funny commerical...

They're still in it!

Yankees won!! wooo!!! they won 8-4...Johnny D coming up big!! And that was a lovely error in right field by the ex Red Sox himself, Mr. Trot Nixon...thank you!! haha 1 down...2 to go! Come on can do it!!!!

Friday, October 05, 2007

I hate to say it...

...but the Yankees need a miracle to win the next 3 games. Do I think they can do it? They've done it before so it's possible (gotta have faith!). I was really hoping they would take Game 2 but those Indians are tough. The Yankees need to start hitting!

BEST commercial!!!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Supernatural is...BACK!

Wooo...the Supernatural Season 3 premiere was tonight and it was awesome! The episode was called The Magnificent Seven and it dealt with the 7 deadly interesting! Glad it's back...the eppy was great!! I was glad to see Bobby again too...he's a great character for the show! And that new female hunter, Ruby? She's pretty interesting too! She's kind of mysterious so I'll have to see how her character develops, but I like her so far!

My favorite quotes from The Magnificent Seven -

Dean: I got a year to live, Sam. I’d like to make the most of it. So what do you say we kill some evil sons of bitches and we raise a little hell, huh?
Sam: You’re unbelievable.
Dean: Very true.

Sam: Let me see your knife.
Dean: What for?
Sam: So I can gouge my eyes out. [Dean laughs]
Dean: It was a beautiful, natural act, Sam.
Sam: That's a part of you I never wanted to see, Dean.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Pushing Daisies

I know - I watch too much TV as it is. But when I saw the preview for Pushing Daisies...I just had to tune in and watch!...And I'm so glad I did! I really like this show - it's original and funny too!

I can't believe Albert got voted off!

I can't believe Albert got voted off on Dancing with the Stars! I'm so should have been Wayne Newton!!!! Albert was good! I'm still shocked and mad about it! :(