Monday, September 22, 2008

Final game at Yankee Stadium :(

Last night was the final game played at Yankee Stadium...EVER! All the greats were there before the game for a pregame ceremony including Yogi Berra, Reggie Jackson, Don Larsen, and Bernie Williams. It was pretty amazing to see all the past players come back for such an important event. I was getting chills just watching the pregame ceremony. Yankees fan or not, I'm sure everyone enjoyed it! The game was great as well, though I really wanted Derek to get a hit during the game. Nonetheless, he will be forever remembered as a true Yankee. Derek's farewell speech at the end was just amazing and perfectly executed. I can't believe he didn't rehearse before hand or have anything prepared. He spoke as if he'd been practicing for days. He's a classy, respectable guy and an extremely talented baseball player. I'm proud to say I'm a Yankees fan and I'm proud to say I'm a Derek Jeter fan as well.

You can read Derek Jeter's farewell speech to Yankee Stadium here.