Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bachelor Pad.

Okay, I hate admitting this, and it's a little embarrassing, but I think I'm addicted to Bachelor Pad. The finale aired last night, and I just watched it. It was so good haha. I get really invested in their lives, and it's just so interesting!

Here's my take on the night:

I felt bad Kirk and Ella got eliminated at the first challenge. I was a little tired of hearing Ella talk about winning the money for her son (that got old fast), but I was a little mad Kirk had to leave too. He seems like such a great guy!

I was glad Mike/Holly and Graham/Michelle were the final two couples. I was SO happy to see Kasey/Vienna leave; they're just so annoying!

I love Jake. I believe him and his side of the story. I feel bad he ever got involved with Vienna; she's crazy.

I'm glad Kasey apologized to Jake, and Kasey seems like he really did change. In the house, he came off like such a jerk, and I'm glad he at least apologized about it.

Vienna is still crazy.

Michelle and Graham are basically the cutest couple on the planet. I was a little surprised they weren't voted to the final two; I really thought they would be! Oh well, they have each other...and I hope they get married some day!

Speaking of married, I'm so happy for Blake and Holly and their engagement! I was really shocked they got engaged, but they're really cute together, and I can tell he really loves her. I did feel bad for Mike and how he found out at the finale.

I knew Mike and Holly would both chose "share" and split the money; we all knew they would.

Yeah, seriously, I think I'm addicted. This show is so sad that it's soooo good! haha

Oh, and I'm still sad Ames and Jackie aren't still together; they had the most romantic exit in Bachelor history too - oh well! :(

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