Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Aww...poor Mark :(

While watching Sabrina and Mark dance last night, I immediately saw that he wasn't moving his left arm as much as he should have been while doing certain moves. I kept saying that something was wrong with his arm and I just read on that he has a torn muscle in his shoulder. I can't believe he was dancing with a torn muscle. That must have hurt like hell...but I guess he didn't wanna let Sabrina down which is so sweet! I hope he's okay though!


Pro dancer Mark Ballas, who wowed the crowd again doing his show-stopping cha cha cha with the much-missed Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan was whisked off to the hospital immediately after their performance. He had been in some distress for two days with a sore shoulder. "Something kind of funky was happening," says Bryan, who was anxious to join Ballas at the hospital after the show. "But he's a true competitor. And even though we weren't competing tonight, he wanted to have our last performance. He was not going to let anyone know."

But Jane Seymour knew. "He shouldn't have been dancing," she said after the show. "He's hurt himself." Mark Cuban knew, too. "His father told me that he's got a torn muscle in his shoulder, and it's really, really painful," says Cuban. "It happens to basketball players all the time and it takes a while to heal."

The worry now is that Ballas — and, by extension, Bryan — may have to be scratched from the Dancing with the Stars national tour, which begins mid-December.

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Sacred Suzie said...

Any idea when Supernatural will be back? Is it gone until after the strike do you think? I can't believe how much is already disappearing, I'm going through TV withdrawal!