Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dream A Little Dream Of Me - my review

I had a feeling I missed writing for an episode and I did lol. Anyways, so I loved the storyline of being "trapped" inside your dream. It was interesting to learn more about Bobby and see how he got into hunting in the first place. I also thought it was cute when Dean told Bobby that he thought of him as a "father figure". So, Dean's dream, more like nightmare, was definitely creepy! It was creepy to see "Demon Dean". I'm glad Dean finally admitted that he's scared though. You know he was but I never thought he would admit it. It was a great episode!

My favorite quotes from Dream A Little Dream Of Me -

Sam: One problem though: we are fresh out African dream roots so unless you know someone who can score some.
Dean: Crap!
Sam: What?
Dean: Bela...
Sam: Bela? Crap!

[as Dean impersonates a police detective]
Jeremy: I had this most vivid super intense dream, like a bad acid trip, you know...
Dean: Totally. [pause] I mean, no.

Dean: Dude, you were out. And making some serious happy noises. Who were you dreaming about?
Sam: What? no one. Nothing.
Dean: Come on, you can tell me. Angelina Jolie?
Sam: No!
Dean: Brad Pitt?
Sam: No. No!

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