Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Back from Myrtle Beach!

I'm back from vacation! It was a much needed vacation but I'm glad to be back. Here are some Cheers and Jeers from Myrtle Beach (I'm sure I'll think of some later too):


-Mini-golfing: I love to mini-golf! It was like pulling teeth to get my family to go though lol, but they went! And we had fun! I came in second, while Kayla and my Mom tied for first. It was fun though!
-Regular golfing: Last time I went golfing down there, it was really hot and I didn't enjoy myself. But for some weird reason, I actually had fun this time! The weather was pretty good the first day we golfed - kind of hazy and cloudy but not bad at all. The second time we golfed was a little sunnier (as you'll find out in a Jeer), but it wasn't that bad either. I had fun! I'm not the best golfer but let's just say when I didn't like a shot, I had my ways of getting it closer to the hole.
-Taking pictures: Definitely one of my favorite things to do...anywhere! I love taking pictures! I took pictures of everything!
-Getting souvenirs: I got Myrtle Beach playing cards and a Myrtle Beach hat.


-The hot weather: Yes, I know - that's what it's always like in Myrtle Beach. I'm just not a fan of hot weather! In fact, summer is my least favorite season lol.
-The long car ride: I hate the car ride! It was something like a nine hour drive and that is just too long! It gets boring and there's nothing to do!
-Getting sunburn: I got sunburn while playing golf the second time. It's not bad or anything, but it's a little painful (I won't lie)...more yesterday than today, but still!

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