Monday, February 09, 2009

DWTS Season 8 celebrities announced!!

Woooo!! The celebrities for Season 8 of Dancing with the Stars were announced, and I'm so excited!!!

1. Lil' Kim (Rapper)
2. Steve-O (from Jackass)
3. Nancy O'Dell (Access Hollywood host)
4. Lawrence Taylor (retired NFL star)
5. Shawn Johnson (Olympic gold medalist)
6. Chuck Wicks (Country singer)
7. Gilles Marini (Actor)
8. Denise Richards (Actress)
9. Belinda Carlisle (former singer)
10. Steve Wozniak (Apple Computers co-founder)
11. David Alan Grier (Comedian)
12. Jewel (Singer)
13. Ty Murray (Rodeo star)

Out of that list, I'm most excited to see Chuck Wicks!!

I'm also looking forward to seeing Shawn Johnson, Jewel, Nancy O'Dell, and Gilles Marini (though I don't really know who he is - he just looks cute haha)

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