Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I live in the state of 'single'.

First off, being single stinks. I don't care what people say; no one likes being single! Being single is kind of depressing, especially when all your friends have boyfriends who they talk about constantly. My mom always said you could get a boyfriend if you really wanted one; some guys will date anyone. I kindly said, "No thanks." I think I'll wait for someone who actually likes me. Except now, I'm kind of tired of waiting. How long does a girl have to wait for that special someone? Seriously, can someone tell me? I like to think everything happens for a reason so I'm trying to believe everything will work out in the end. And for those people wondering, my dream guy is: a Red Sox fan, 6'0+, and has great hair. Now let me explain: as some may know, I am a die-hard Yankees fan so why would I want to have a boyfriend who's a Red Sox fan? Well, here's my theory: I've always wanted to be that couple at the Yankees/Red Sox game who the announcers talk about on TV because one is a Yankees fan and one is a Red Sox fan. I also want a tall guy. Yes I'm 5'1 and everyone is considered tall to me, but I also want to be that couple that looks a little awkward because of the height.

I'm not extremely picky, but those are my wants as of now. However, at this point, I'll just take a great guy.

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