Thursday, March 24, 2011

Writing always help.

It's one of those days that just feels like every other. I have nothing special going on in my life (do I ever?), but I felt like writing, and honestly, it's been a while. Here are my rambling thoughts of the moment:

I just watched Castle from Monday night, and it was about a writer who got murdered. I think, secretly, I always wanted to "write" of some sort. I don't want to write a book or anything, but I think it would be interesting and fun to write something someone actually reads. A while ago I started writing children's poems; the kind of poetry Jack Prelutsky writes (silly and kid-friendly). I've only written 9, but I hope to keep writing and then maybe one day, I can submit them somewhere.

Why does being a girl stink sometimes? Losing weight is one of the hardest things to do, and I feel like I'm getting no where! I've never stuck with working out this long, EVER, and even though I have lost some weight, I want to be a lot farther with the process. Carrie's wedding is in July, and even though I still have time to find a bride's maid dress, I really want to look good for her wedding (and myself). I know I need to buckle down and do it; I'm trying, although I should be trying even more!

On a more random note, I have an online spending addiction. I just love so much (and even I really need to stop buying stuff online (at least for a while). I should have given that up for Lent instead of candy, although giving up candy was extremely hard!

Okay, that's enough for today.
It's almost Friday, so yippie! :)

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