Friday, July 29, 2011

Question of the Day - #15

#15 - When did you ever immediately "click" with someone you just met? What was the long-term result? To what do you attribute that kind of connection?

I probably last "clicked" with someone right off the bat when I met Carrie. She was in one of my education classes, and I really liked her children's book so I told her that. She came off as a really nice person.

The long-term result is that we're best friends! I was just in her wedding a couple weeks ago. We roomed together our senior year of college too. We just get along; she's the type of person I can tell anything too. She wouldn't judge me either.

I think we "click" because we're both easy-going people. Also, we both are both Early Childhood Education majors so we have that in common as well. When one of us stresses, the other one can calm them down; we balance each other nicely.

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