Saturday, October 29, 2011


I decided to watch Grimm on NBC last night, and I'm glad I did! Supernatural is also on at 9:00, but I always tape that to watch over the weekend, so I decided to check out the new show Grimm.

I really like the storyline. It gave me a Supernatural-feel to it, which interested me right off the bat. It's creepy, and it keeps you on your toes. I never really read the Grimm fairy tales (the actual Grimm fairy tales), but of course I know the versions we read to children. The storyline is interesting since everyone knows about the fairy tales, and I'm curious to see how the show portrays them.

I also like the characters. Nick plays the main character, and he's a cop who can see people for who they really are...monsters. He has good chemistry with his partner, and I think they make a good team. A surprising character I liked was Monroe, the blutbod (spelling?), who is a former "big bad wolf" that kind of aides Nick.

Overall, it seems like a pretty good show, and I'll definitely be watching next week!

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