Sunday, December 16, 2007

Survivor finale!

Congrats to Todd! I wanted him to win and I'm really glad he did!

It kind of sucks that Amanda won the last immunity challenge cause she really had no shot at winning in the end so it didn't matter who she took and voted off. She got 1 vote, while Courtney got 2, and Todd got 4. I thought Todd played a true-Survivor game and was very strategic. Yeah he may have back-stabbed some people but that's what you have to do to get far in the game.

This season was very interesting. I loved James and I'm glad he won the 100,000 dollars. I was kind of shocked to hear that Jaime and Erik are actually dating! He could do so much better! Erik is gorgeous too haha...he's so sweet and innocent and Jaime is sneaky and mean. Maybe she's a better person because of the show? Anyways, great season. Next season looks great too! Fans vs. Favorites...that should be very interesting!...I can't wait! =)

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