Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My first...nightmare??

Okay, so a couple of nights ago I guess I experienced my first "nightmare".

Here it is:

In my dream, I lived across the street from some juvenile delinquent school so the kids were crazy and criminals apparently lol...anyway, we were out walking and when we got home, I wanted to take a picture of raindrops...well, we saw 2 kids getting in a fight so my Mom ordered us inside but before we could shut the door, a kid in a blue t-shirt comes running through and goes up the stairs (one of the kids in the fight) and the other kid comes running in after. Before they could do anything to each other, my Mom grabs them both and yells "NO! NO! NO! Get out of my house!" haha but the one boy brings out a scalpel and cuts the arm of the other kid (not deep or anything) so they're walking down the stairs and I'm standing by the doorway and all of a sudden the kid with the scalpel stabs me in my side.

And thats when I woke up cause I really did like flinch and reach for my side!! It was like I was really stabbed!! Then I was like breathing heavy after that, not a lot but it just something crazy to experience. And that's my first "nightmare".

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Christopher D said...

Wow! Spooky! :)