Friday, May 21, 2010

Don't tell anyone.

I watched Greys Anatomy last night. Like I said, don't tell anyone. I've boycotted this show since it was put into the same time slot as Supernatural way back in the day. I watched last night because honestly, the previews looked amazing, and I can't help watch any episode of any show that deals with gunmen and people getting shot; those episodes always seem to be the most intense and interesting. Well, I wasn't let down last night either. I thought the episode was very intense, and it was a great finale. The only thing I would have changed was providing the audience with a cliffhanger. A season finale needs to leave you wanting more and wanting to watch that season premiere in the fall, and even though I was just a one-time watcher for the night, I wasn't left with that finale feeling. All of the "problems" in the episode were solved. Someone who was shot and was questionable to live, well, we knew whether they lived or died by the end. A good finale would have kept us wondering if they would survive or not. And the whole "I have one bullet left, who should I kill: you or me?" debate was answered as well. Again, that was a perfect opportunity to leave the viewers hanging since all we hear at one point is a gun shot, and we don't know who the gunman shot: himself or the doctor. However, next scene, we see the doctor talking to the police: hello! suspense and cliffhanger ruined!

Oh well, it was a well-done episode, and I'm glad I watched. I may or not not tune into the season premiere in the fall; I'll have to see what the preview looks like!

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