Monday, May 17, 2010

Graduation - poem

The end has finally come,
With a new beginning to try.
I’m venturing out into the world,
But this is not goodbye.

I made those special friends,
Ones who I’ll never forget.
Those four years flew on by,
But our friendship is not over yet.

The conversations we all had,
Always makes me smile.
Thinking of our times together,
Makes it all worthwhile.

We’re starting something new,
But I know we’ll all do well.
Look forward to the future,
And don’t look back and dwell.

Good luck to all those moving on,
Try your best to give it your all.
Rise up to each challenge you face,
No matter how big or how small.

Put a smile on your face,
And wear your cap with pride.
Have your head held high as you walk,
It's been a long and crazy ride.

And in the end, you can only thank,
Those special and close to you,
Your parents, your family, and your friends,
Just to name a few.

Now get ready for a new adventure,
Don't sit back and wait,
You made it, you did it, you succeeded in life,
It’s time to celebrate.

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