Friday, August 19, 2011


I really like this show. It's under-appreciated though, which is a total bummer because it's pretty good. The actors are decent (not George Clooney but still good). It stinks that it's on Friday night because I think that's the worst night for TV (I still catch it though! or tape it lol).

Tonight's episode was the summer finale, and apparently the show won't be on CBS anymore - why, I don't know. It might come back on ION? It's not canceled so it's coming back somewhere lol.

It was a great episode tonight. It revolved around my favorite character Spike. He left his dying father's side to help his team defuse a bomb. Sergio Di Zio (Spike) was spot-on tonight; he was perfect in the episode.

I can't wait for Flashpoint to come back...and it better come back! ;)

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