Monday, December 15, 2008

Bob wins Survivor!

Congrats to Bob! I was initially pulling for Marcus (can I marry him yet!?) but Bob was my next choice since Marcus was voted off a while ago haha. Wow, what can I say about the final comments from the jury? I loved Charlie's comment about Bob snuggling up to him at night, and who cares if Charlie's gay? I would have done it; he's cute! Corinne had the NASTIEST comment ever on Survivor, I think, and I can't believe she said what she said about Sugar's dad. That was harsh and totally uncalled for. Randy was...well Randy lol. Now onto the live finale. I was happy to hear (and not surprised) that Marcus had the highest IQ of anyone on the show (and according to Jeff, it was off the charts!) but what did surprise me was to hear Randy had the second highest IQ. Are they sure? Cause that's shocking. I did, however, feel sad for the guy when he was saying how he use to be happy and that he use to have friends/girlfriends (now his dog is his best friend). That's kind of sad to hear that. He was funny though and he was definitely a character this season. Now onto Ace. I was glad to see his accent is real (foreign accents are so sexy!). I was wondering that too sometimes, but it's real so everything is okay! Okay, so back to Marcus: can I marry him yet? He's smart, gorgeous, and a doctor! I'm mad he didn't make it farther; he would have won for sure!

Overall, it was an entertaining season and I can't wait for the next one!

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