Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday night TV.

Holy moly! Tonight was the Dancing with the Stars finale (with the results tomorrow) and the One Tree Hill finale...both were amazing!

Dancing with the Stars -

I loved how all three competitors had to dance the cha-cha to the same song! I thought that was really cool how Cristian started, Jason kept it going in the middle, and Kristi finished it off. I have to give props to my girl Kristi though (okay I love her partner Mark too hehe), she rocked the end of the cha-cha! As the judges said, I felt bad that Jason had to do a latin dance since we all know those aren't where he shines. Now onto the freestyles...I LOVED Kristi and Mark's freestyle...LOVED IT!!!!! Kristi did an amazing job this season and I hope she wins!! I also liked Jason and Edyta's freestyle though I thought the song was a little song. However, my favorie part of their freestyle came at the end when Edyta ripped off Jason's shirt. All I have to say is it's about damn time!! So Cristian, it kind of stinks he couldn't do "real" lifts and that hurt him. He did pretty good though for only really using one arm. Kristi won the night with a 60/60...I hope she wins tomorrow!!!!

One Tree Hill -

Umm...HOLY CRAP! First off, Jamie is too cute! I loved his little mohawk! Anyways, Lucas and Peyton serious need to be together! I thought that was really cute when she told him her dream was for him to propose again! Come on Luke, get with it! Aww, Brooke is sooo cute with Angie and I felt bad that she had to give her back so soon. Gotta love Nathan and Jamie "conquering" their fears. Omg, the ending!? Are you kidding me!? I can't believe Dan got hit by a car!!!! He better not die...seriously...I like his character! And how mean was it to leave the audience wondering who Lucas called!?!? I hope he called Peyton but he could have called Lindsey (and hey, maybe he even called Brooke). Ahh sooo mean! It was a great season finale and I can't wait for season 6!

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