Thursday, May 08, 2008

Time Is On My Side - my review

Holy moly! There are no other words right now..."holy moly"says it all! Time Is On My Side was such a good episode! It had was creepy/scary, funny, exciting, and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time!!! First off, that Doc guy was soooo creepy! Eww and when he went to take Sam's eye out, that was pretty gross (good thing Dean came! haha). I was glad to see Bela back! Wow, I can't believe she made a deal with the crossroads demon! I'm sad her time was up and she was gonna die. I would have liked to see her on the show every once in a while. It was a pretty good way for her to leave the show though! Oh man, and Dean! He's so determined to save himself...I feel so bad! The finale next week looks soooo good!!

Favorite quotes from Time Is On My Side -

Sam: Remember that thing in the paper yesterday?
Dean: "Stripper suffocates dude with thighs"?

Sam: I talked to Mr. Beetle's doctor. Turns out his incisions were sewn up with silk.
Dean: That's weird?
Sam: Yeah, nowadays it is, but silk used to be the suture of choice back in the early 19th-century. It was really problematic. Patients would get massive infections, the death rate was insane.
Dean: Good times.
Sam: Right. So, doctors, they had to do whatever they could to keep the infections from spreading. One way was maggots.
Dean: Dude, I'm eating.
Sam: It actually kind of worked because maggots, they eat the bad tissue and they leave good tissue. And get this. When they found our guy, his body cavity was stuffed full of maggots.
Dean: Dude, I'm eating!

Doctor: Didn't you read my report?
Dean: Of course we did. Oh, it was riveting, a real page-turner. Just delightful.
Doctor: You done?
Dean: I think so.
Doctor: Please, go away.
Dean: Okay.
Sam: Sure.

Doctor: Can I see your badges?
Sam: Of course. Sure. [both show badges]
Doctor: Fine. So, you're cops and morons.
Dean: Excuse me? [stammering] No, no. We're, we're very smart.

Demon: I'm telling the truth!
Dean: Oh, you are? Then let me make it up to you. [douses him in holy water] Now I'm gonna ask you one more time: Who holds my contract?!
Demon: Your mother. Yeah, she showed it to me, right before I bent her over.

Sam: According to this, Benton's picky about where he sets up his lab. He likes a dense forest, with access to a river or stream, or some kind of fresh water.
Dean: Why?
Sam: Because that's where he likes to dump the bile, the intestines, and the fecal matter. Lost your appetite yet?
[Dean stops chewing and looks at burger]
Dean: Oh baby, I can't stay mad at you [resume eating]

Rufus: There are things that you don't know about her.
Dean: Oh and you do? Right, because you know things.
Rufus: Yep.
Dean: And let me guess, you lift her fingerprint?
Rufus: Yep.
Dean: And that got you jack.
Rufus: Yep. She burned them off. Probably years ago.
Dean: Yeah, so you're right where we are.
Rufus: Nope. You do her ear?
Dean: Sorry?
Rufus: You do her ear?
Dean: Hey man I'll try anything once, but I don't know, that sounds uncomfortable.

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