Friday, January 07, 2011


I have become abnormally obsessed with this show. I have recently been watching Psych day in and day out. I've checked out the first three seasons from the library (season 4 is currently on hold), and I absolutely love this show. The characters are hilarious, the storylines are interesting and funny, and it keeps you wanting more. It's an easy show to watch, and what I mean by that is that it's a show you can get attached to very quickly, and I don't have to struggle to sit through any episode. I want to have marathons of this show; it's that good!

I think my favorite part of the show is the cast/characters. I love James Roday's portrayal of Shawn Spencer. I can't imagine anyone else in the lead role; he does such a good job! His quick-wicked lines are fantastic, and his relationship with all the other characters on the show is so fun to watch. Another character I'm drawn to is Detective Lassiter (played by Timothy Omundson). Lassiter and Spencer's love/hate relationship is hilarious. He acts like he hates Shawn, but after numerous episodes, you can tell he cares about him and secretly likes him. You can't forget Gus or Juliet either. Gus is Shawn's partner in the Psychic business, and they have the best lines together. Juliet is Lassiter's partner who Shawn has a crush on. She kind of straightens the boys out and keeps the peace, which you definitely need between the guys.

All in all, I think more people need to watch this show. It's currently on USA Network so it's not on a main cable channel like CBS or ABC, but I still think it's worth watching.

And now I will leave you with a few quotes from the show:

Shawn: Dad I'm confused, these are plans for a wet bar.
Henry: Yeah, that's right, for entertaining.
Shawn: Right, but I don't see anywhere in the plans, the portal into 1976.

Chief: We will meet at the Home Depot tomorrow.
Agent Ewing: Let's say 0700 hours.
Shawn: 700 hours is almost 20 days; shouldn't we act sooner?

(after Gus finds out he might have to massage football players)
Gus: Let me be very clear, these hands (holds up his hands) are not touching anyone, I only use these hands to touch myself. (awkward silence) Let me rephrase that…
Shawn: Please stop speaking. And no more fist bumps for the rest of the day.

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