Friday, January 14, 2011

Question of the Day - #9

#9 - How would you describe your dream wedding?

I want a small wedding. Ideally, I would want to get married somewhere cool (not hot), like in a cabin in the woods up north; I was thinking in Maine or New Hampshire during the fall. We would get married outside and then have the reception inside the cabin. And of course it would be a perfect fall day with leaves on the ground (not too many) that would make for beautiful pictures, that I would both take myself and be in of course.

I would have a white dress, and my bridesmaid's dresses would either be peach or a light blue. The groomsmen would have the peach or light blue tie to match the bridesmaids. I haven't decided which color because I like both, and who knows, I may try to incorporate them together somehow. We'd only invite close family and close friends; like I said, I want a small wedding.

And that, is my dream wedding. It won't happen that way, but a girl can dream right? ;)

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