Thursday, May 10, 2007

Supernatural Season Finale (Part 1)

To sum up the first part of the season finale in one simple phrase, it would be "FREAKIN' AMAZING!". I'm in total shock right now. How could they kill Sam? The better question is, how are they going to bring him BACK? And they killed off one of my favorite characters, Andy! I loved Andy and I'm really sad he's dead. And how could I not cry at the end? Sam was stabbed and Dean just held him, telling him it was going to be okay. It was such a great brother moment and anyone watching would have teared up! Ahhh, I still can't believe how amazing of an episode it was! I can't wait until next week! Dean is gonna give hell to that demon (hint on the episode name lol). Is it [next] Thursday yet? :)

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