Sunday, September 02, 2007

College Life...and alcohol?

I don't drink, plain and simple. I have nothing wrong with anyone who does drink. If that's what people want to do to make themselves feel better or happy, then go for it. The only thing I don't get is why it's such a big part of the college life? I know a select few people who don't drink, but other than that, everyone else I know drinks. Am I really missing out? Yeah you feel better about yourself and you open up like you normally wouldn't, but do you really need alcohol all the time to do that for you? What's so fun about passing out and not remember the night before? What's so fun that you can't even walk back to your dorm by yourself? What's so fun about puking in the bathroom at 3am in the morning for hours? Yeah you have a great time when it's happening, but the effects afterward don't seem like a good time to me. I know this might not happen to a lot of people, but I know plenty of people to whom it has happened. Sometimes I do feel like I'm missing out when everyone is having a good time. But then I really think about it and I'd rather not put myself through that. I'd rather not wake up in someone else's bed not knowing where I am. I'm rather not spend hours in the bathroom puking my guts out. That just doesn't sound appealing to me. I know not every single person does it, but it does happen a lot...especially in college. Drinking is all college kids talk about. Everywhere I go, I hear the word "drinking". Is drinking your life through college really that important? Maybe I just missed the memo. I guess everyone has their own opinion on this topic...and that was mine.

I know this was a completely random post, but I was thinking about it last night. I thought maybe I'd write my opinion here and get other opinions as well.

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peacejojo said...

I agree with you. My cousin ssid this summer that she looked forward to going back to college. How actually looks forward to school?! A party girl that's who! She's always telling me about the parties she goes to and how she gets drunk and likes to make out with random guys! I thought I knew her, but college has changed her. Not in a good way. One of these days something bad could happen from her drinking and making out with guys, like being taken advantage of. I personally don't ever want to drink. My mom asked "Not even at your wedding?"
me- Nope.
Mom- New years?
me- No. What if I like it too much and get addicted?
Mom- You won't. Trust me.
me- If it tastes that bad, then why would I want to drink at all?
Mom- Good point.