Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fun to do when you're bored...

go to Google and type in

[your name] likes (ex. Bob likes)

then in the black writing, it will say funny stuff =)
(try it with "[your name] needs" too)

here are mine:

-Kelsey likes doors the way I like bridges
-Kelsey likes to “snooze” in bed, so her dad and I “helicopter in” and wake her several times before her feet finally hit the ground
-Kelsey likes it when there is an alphabet soup flood
-Kelsey likes to lick Jens face
-Kelsey likes to sit in the soapy water and spin her heart out
-Kelsey likes her hearing aids!
-Kelsey likes to call the West Coast Express the little train
-Kelsey likes to come up from behind!!!
-Kelsey likes the subject of the miserablist
-Kelsey likes Vultures


-Kelsey needs to trust her heart to the handsome physchiatrist
-Kelsey needs to quit throwing kids into the stands--this isn't WWF
-Kelsey needs to stop being a mat for everyone to walk on
-Kelsey needs a best friend to tell her she's the best friend they've ever had
-Kelsey needs to show the monthly rainfall for her county
-Kelsey needs either an indoor home or an indoor climate-controlled
-Kelsey needs something to do while she waits for her glass of water to fill up
-Kelsey needs to be gang banged
-Kelsey needs to toss a sum of six using two dice
-Kelsey needs a luxurious space with a Chinese flair

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