Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sister convo 14

Kayla: so what are u doing today
Me: watching the game...then getting pizza...didnt i tell you?
Kayla: what game
Kayla: not really. only the pizza part
Me: yankees
Kayla: vs RS?
Me: yeah duh
Kayla: what time
Me: 3:55
Kayla: weird time
Me: its been on then before...
Kayla: well i dont watch that much baseball! shoot me!
Me: bang
Kayla: *dead*
Me: hahaha
Kayla: great my sister is LAUGHING about killing me
Me: it's funny...YOU'RE funny!
Kayla: well yes thats true.
Kayla: ha

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cube said...

Sisters are like that.