Sunday, September 30, 2007

My weekend in review...

Friday - I went to the Yankees/Orioles game and it was a great game! I can't believe the Yankees gave up a 7-1 lead...not good! They went into extra innings (because of Mariano!) and the Orioles ended up winning on a squeeze bunt by Melvin Mora...very nice may I add. I was a little disappointed the Yankees lost but I had a great time at the game! My dad and I stayed for fireworks after which were really good!

Saturday - I went shopping with my dad for some stuff for school. Mission = successful. Then that night, my sister and I went to the Montgomery Gentry army concert at Aberdeen Proving Ground. They featured Joe Nichols and Shauna Bolton and they were both great! Montgomery Gentry rocked the house though! Oh, and a drunk guy hit on me and my sister haha...good times!

Sunday - I baked some sugar cookies and watched part of the Yankees/Orioles game (in which the Yankees won!)...then I went back to school.

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