Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sad dream :(

this is my dream:

I was going on a field trip for camp and we took 2 buses for some reason, though I think we only needed one. Well, something wasn't right with the first bus so the driver put it on cruise control (that did turns and everything! haha) and everyone who was on that bus came on our bus (where mostly everyone was anyway). On the bus that everyone was on, there was some kind of tiger up front and everyone had to go up and pet it. Even the little kids were petting it. It came to my turn but I didn't want to do it. My boss said I had to but I wouldn't. So we looked at the window and the second bus that was on cruise control was a little ahead of us so my boss said I could go get the bus so it didn't get too far ahead of us. Well, I didn't wanna do that either. So my friend Mike volunteered to go get the bus. So we stopped so he could get off to run and get the bus. But it turns out the bus on cruise control was ahead of us a lot farther than we thought. Mike ran after it and we eventually couldn't even see him anymore. We all got nervous and wondered where he was. I guess no one was really nervous or anything cause we headed for home, assuming he caught up to the bus. Well, as soon as we got back, we got newspapers saying that 3 camp counselors had drowned in the lake. I started flipping out and as I read on, it said Mike, Evan, and another counselor had drowned. It said that they were on a bus but didn't see the cliff ahead. We were all in total shock. No one had any idea that Evan and the other guy even got off the bus! I started crying and blaming myself for their deaths since Mike shouldn't even have gotten off the bus in the first place. I wouldn't talk to anyone. I wouldn't eat either. I just cried and cried.

...and that's my sad dream :(

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