Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dancing with the Stars...the new season begins!

The ladies did great last night and the men did great tonight! Here's my intake on each star:

Melanie Brown - I thought she did good! I might be a little bias since I love her dance partner, Maks lol, but I expected her to do okay since she's from a singing and dancing background.

Sabrina Bryan - I loved her dance! She rocked the house! I have to admit, I'm in total love with her partner Mark lol. He's so sexy!!!

Jennie Garth - She was good too. She didn't really stand out for me but she did pretty good for being the first one of the season.

Josie Maran - I didn't think she did as bad as the judges said she did. I thought she was okay.

Marie Osmond - I thought she did well! She looked like she was having a good time so that's good.

Jane Seymour - I loved her dance! She was so elegant with Tony; they make a good pair!

Helio Castroneves - I loved his dance! I thought he was so good! I've never heard of him before since I don't watch Nascar (right? lol) but I thought he did great!

Mark Cuban - He had a pretty solid dance and I was a little surprised he danced that well cause he doesn't look like a dancer haha.

Cameron Mathison - Oh so sexy! haha...he looked great and danced well. I'm hoping his shirt comes off during the show haha.

Floyd Mayweather - I thought he did better than what he got for scores. He had a lot of energy which is good!

Wayne Newton - He looked a little stiff to me but he did okay lol

Albert Reed - Can you say sexy!? He's only 22! I thought he was pretty good! I hope he makes it to the end so we can see him take his shirt off all the way!! haha

I thought everyone did really well! I'm loving this season already! I can't even pick a favorite cause I thought they all did great! I'm not sure who's going home tomorrow...I don't want anyone to leave!

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