Friday, August 20, 2010

30 Day Letter Challenge - Day 1

Dear Best Friend,

I call you my best friend for a reason. Some might say we're complete opposites, but that's what makes you and I a great team. We've shared classes together, an apartment, and plenty of good times. We rarely get mad at each other, which makes it even easier to be your friend. And even though I may break out with random dance moves while watching TV (possibly the King of Queens? hehe), we have remained friends. We're a goofy pair, and I love how we can be silly together. Also, when it's me and you, there's a 'no judge zone'. I am able tell you everything; I practically already have. When I do, you never judge me for anything, and I never judge you. Those are the rules.

So now that college has ended, we still better hang out and get together. I refuse to be those college friends who "say" they'll stay in touch and never do. I refuse. We will get together, and we will remain friends.

Thanks for being a great friend.

Kelsey =)

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