Saturday, August 28, 2010

30 Day Letter Challenge - Day 7

Dear Ex-boyfriend,

My last boyfriend was a long time ago, which is depressing when you think about it. It was during high school so it wasn't even that serious.

Oh well, this letter is to you.

At the time, I was a little awkward, but you liked me anyway. You gave me two stuffed animals, which of both I still have (and I'll always know you gave them to me). You were sweet and funny. I always liked watching movies with you, even if you would lie about seeing it just so we would watch it. At one point, we ended up getting in a big fight, which was probably my fault. I hate that we fought, but I'm glad we got past it. We only dated a few months, and we remained friends afterward until I moved. I wish we had stayed in touch a little better, although we are friends on Facebook, which is at least something I guess. Maybe one day we'll meet again? I'm not opposed to it.

Kelsey =)

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