Saturday, August 21, 2010

30 Day Letter Challenge - Day 2

Dear Crush,

I actually don't have a crush right now. I used to like this one guy, so I will direct this letter towards you. It was a little tough liking you since you had a girlfriend who I was also friends with. I loved spending time with you though because you made me laugh, and I made you laugh. My favorite part was making fun of you because you would make fun of me right back. I'd like to think that theory of 'if a boy makes fun of you or picks on you, he likes you' is true. I know I liked you. It was even rumored that I liked you at one point but because I didn't want my secret to get out, I denied it and said you were more like my brother than a crush. That seemed to stop the rumor, but I knew that deep down I really did like you at the time. I even lied to one of my good friends when she asked me if I liked you. Apparently we "flirted" all the time, which was how the rumor started. My crush on you has faded since then, but I'll always remember the fun times we had together. Good luck with your girlfriend (I'm pretty sure you're still together?).

Kelsey =)

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